Monday, April 6, 2009

96. Strip Stripes

April 6

So, remember how I said I had cast on for a Noro sock? Well it got frogged, and then I started again, but this time I am going to manually stripe the yarn. I’m liking the feel of the yarn more and more as it gets worked, and I have to admit that the yarn I salvaged from my old Noro Sock that I never made a mate for, it’s super soft. I can see these being awesome socks. I just need to actually follow a pattern (such as the Basic Knee Sock Pattern is).

I’m not going to put the number and date on the photos anymore. I’ve got the date in the file name, and the number in the blog title, so I’m good. This will also mean that I wont need two copies of each picture, one for the 365 folder and one for my photos folder. Gotta love saving space.

-Cheers folks!

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