Sunday, April 19, 2009

109. Socks!

April 19

I’m coming along well with my Noro Socks. I have weighed them, and I’m going to use about 45 grams of Noro for each sock, with the black Kroy at the toes, heels, and cuff. I’ll probably end up doing a fairly substantial cuff because there isn’t much left of my allotment of Noro for this sock. I think it’ll still look pretty cool, even if the socks end up being very fraternal. I’m fine with that though. I’m finding that I have a pretty hefty calf, the increases don’t begin to cover my calf yet, even though I’m a bit over what the pattern was calling for. Doesn’t much matter to me. I’ve never been one to follow a pattern to a T. I’m good to improvise as I go.

-Cheers folks!

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