Monday, February 2, 2009

33. New Socks!

I haz new socks! This was partly due to the fact that I only went in to work for half a day, and then came home (with a dead ipod I had forgotten at work, which I apparently left on and drained itself) and knit the afternoon and evening away! I watched some Deja View (Threes Company and the Cosby Show) then some random afternoon television (Without a Trace and then Dr.Phil), made some supper for the family (we had soup and grilled cheese because dad's sick), and then went right back to knitting. I know, now you're beginning to wonder, why would I spend so much time knitting on something that I could buy for 10$ per dozen at Wal Mart? Well, let me tell you, wool socks are the fraking best things ever. Period. I have narrow and long feet, so most socks squish my toes or are way too wide. Making my own socks means that I can make the socks to MY specifications. They also stand up better to wear than commercial socks. Plus, where else can you find socks like these? NOWHERE! No one will have these socks, not even the people who make the same socks from the same pattern. They will have used different yarn, or different needles, or maybe they did one less repeat, or one more repeat. So many variations, and let me tell you, I love my handknit socks. It's getting addictive. They something knitted that I really use and love. They're just awesome.

This evening I watched Funny Face. I adored Fred Astaire before tonight, but now I think he will own a piece of my heart forever. Audrey Hepburn is right up there too. I'm pretty much convinced now that I was born about 50 years too late. Except for my sci fi, I don't know what I'd do without my Battlestar and my Doctor Who... Although, I wouldn't have been without my Doctor Who because that started up in 1963.

As you can see, no collage yet. It'll get done. I promise.... maybe.

-Cheers, Hunker down if you're in Atlantic Canada, impending weather coming our way!

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