Thursday, February 12, 2009

43. Knitting Survival Kit

So, here's what I carry in my notions bag:

1. Safety pins: you never know when they'll come in handy, for many different things.

2. Point protectors: I put them on all of my circs (if I'm not magic looping), and any dpns that I'm using.

3. Tape Measure: For measuring....things.

4. Stitch Markers: For marking stitches. Where was the increase line supposed to go? Put in a stitch marker and you'll know!

5. Darning needles: I have finished projects on the bus, pulled out my Chibi (the yellow thing) and darned a sock, or used EZ's sewn bind off to finish a mitten, it's not an odd occurance.

6. Fingernail clippers: They work great to cut worsted and thinner yarns.

7. Gauge Ruler/Needle sizer: It's a great little ruler, and this way I don't loose it.

8. Row counters: My Cacha-Counter (the red square thingy) is great for doing just about anything. No need to put it on the needle, it can go in my pocket, and I don't need to worry about moving it around.

9. Craft Needles: The biggest ones of these are the main needles I use to sew in most ends. The points are sharp enough, and the holes are big enough....for fingering weight at least.

10. Stitch holder: Usually I will have scrap yarn that I use for stitch holders, but sometimes I don't, this guy comes in handy.

11. Cable needles: I rarely use these anymore since I learned to cable without a needle, but they're still in there.

Sometimes I carry around a crochet hook too, but I'm good at rescuing dropped stitches. What do you keep in your notions bag? Or what would go in your notions bag?

-Cheers folks. Kevin Newman was actually unbiased on the Feb 11th podcast, it kind of scared me, I'm used to the BBC news being vocally unbiased, but Kevin Newman is usually stonefaced.

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