Saturday, February 21, 2009

52. The REAL 52

So yesterday was supposed to be titled 51, not 52. I got the picture right, but the entry title was wrong. That's what happens when I'm tired. I go and make stupid mistakes.

I started sewing together my quilt tonight! My evening consisted (mainly) of grocery freezer pizza, my sitting on the sofa sewing my quilt blocks, the mister sitting next to me knitting, and La Belle sitting in the recliner with the kitty on her lap, as she too knit the night away. Oh, and while we were doing such crazy Saturday night activities we were watching Mallrats. Mid 90's movies can be so freaking awesome sometimes. I also watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno with mom and dad tonight. It wasn't too bad a movie, I have to say though, full frontal nudity of Jason Mewes....glad dad was asleep when that came on.

-Cheers folks!


Anonymous said...

Wow, no way I'd watch Zack and Miri with my folkes. Kudos.

Yarnivore said...

I have Zack and Miri, plan on watching it tonight, sans parents of any kind.

Lauren Oostveen said...

Once you've made it through the works of K. Smith, I must convince you guys to come to the next surf night. It was amazing fun.