Thursday, February 19, 2009

50. My job that isn't a job

Yea, that's right. It's a job, but it's not a job. I love doing it so much that I often forget to mention it when someone asks me about my jobs within my industry. I talk about Fiddle Fest, a few other gigs and even my volunteering with Eastlink, but I always seem to leave out the podcast. I am the editor for the Lime & Violet podcast. I absolutely love what I do, and it never really hits home that we have over 5000 listeners. My high school was about 1100 people, so thinking that nearly 5 times my high school population listens (or at least downloads) the podcast just does not compute.

In fact, I'm taking a break to blog (and I just realized that I'm watching CBC National with the Man, Peter Mansbridge and not my other Boyfriend The Strombo, George Stroumboulopolous. I thought that Mulroney was supposed to be on tonight, maybe it will be on later. Time will tell.) I should get back to editing so I'm not up too late tonight, as is right now I might get to bed around 2am. Not too bad, but later than I would have liked.

-Cheers folks. What did you think of the Obama/Harper visit? I'm glad that he did a tour of Ottawa instead of the intended wham-bam in and out tour. I want to see Obama and Iggy, they seem like they'd get along well.

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