Saturday, February 14, 2009

45. A Day for Lovers.

St Valentines Day. A truly, and somewhat unbearably commercialized holiday, but somehow, I always get caught up in it's thralls. I don't go in for the standard flowers though, I'm not a flowers kind of girl, so floral holidays don't get me excited. I met the mister at work, and then we went back to his place. As he was unlocking the door he asked me to check the mailbox. Inside was this note wrapped around a chocolate.

This sent me to the freezer, where I found another note wrapped around another chocolate. The chocolates are Lindt truffles by the by. VERY good. He even remembered that I like white chocolate and looked for them, but could only find them in the mixed packages. I am not complaining, I have an awesome guy. There were 6 notes in all, each with a "congrats, you found it!" or other cute little bits. The 6th note led me to my gift.

I had mentioned once that I really wanted to find the movie De-Lovely, but I couldn't find it anywhere around here, and I couldn't even find it to download it. He got it for me. My most amazing mister found me a musical I wanted, and his only comment was "We have to watch it together, I was reading up on it and it sounds really good." Did I strike gold or what?

We made dinner. Well, to be honest, he cooked the pork which he had marinated, the pasta side dish and the corn, I tried to make the cheese cake. Main meal was amazing, neither of us could finish it all though. Cheese cake, horrible horrible failure. First off, he didn't have an electric mixer so I tried to whisk it, but there were still so many chunks. Next, I didn't cook it long enough, not at all. Basically it was cream cheese soup in a graham cracker pie crust. It was bad, but we still tried to eat it, it was just bad. So bad. I have no words. It seriously looked like something I'd see my baby cousin vomit up. But, we made it together, and we tried to eat it together, so I still look on it oddly enough with a smile on my face and a warm feeling.

-Cheers folks. I hope everyone who celebrated (or wanted to celebrate) Valentine's Day had a great time, and for those celebrating SAD: Grab the cookie dough ice cream and pass the spoons.

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Hattie said...

That's so sweet, glad you got a good one. ;)