Thursday, February 5, 2009

36. New Fluffy Stuff

Am I the only one who really likes getting things in the mail? Even mail that I have to pay for is good for me. I got a package today, made my feeling like crap feel less... crappy.

I bought some fiber samples (she calls them Wooly Cupcakes) from The Wool Peddler. Basically just really small bits of her odds and ends, and considering my short attention span when it comes to spinning on my spindle, these are great. I keep thinking about getting a wheel, but the closest place that I know of which sells wheels is in the Gaspeareau Valley, and that's not really on a bus route for me. (note, it's about 90 km from where I live) I might try to see if mom and dad want to take a trip some Saturday, they offered over the Holidays, but they weren't open that day and I knew it.

I'm spinning up the pink/purple bit of roving right now, and I'm finding it a little sticky, maybe a coarser merino or BFL, but it doesn't have the BFL crimp, so I'm still thinking coarse merino. I do like it though.

-Cheers folks, Haliblogaknittas #1 this Saturday, keep an eye out for pictures!

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Hattie said...

I'm the same way, I love mail, I love knowing something is on the way. :) It's been awhile since I got anything though. :(