Wednesday, February 18, 2009

49. Knitting Geekery

So I looked around my room, and one thing stands out: there is nothing that stands out because there is so much stuff. I have a few things that stand out for me due to the sentimental value (pictures on the wall for instance), but nothing stands out as a focal point. There is just such a mish mash of all the crap that I have piled in this room, which considering how tiny this room is, it's amazing. I swear I'm not using Time Lord technology, but there is more stuff in here than should be humanly possible.

There are loads of knitting things, a sock on the blockers hanging from my where my closet door would be, an Adipose above my cassettes, my two huge Rubbermaid tubs filled with yarn. There are all my porcelain dolls and stuffed animals (I really need to get rid of a bunch of them, I need more room). I've got a metric butt-tonne of my art up on the walls, and as mentioned before, many pictures of my friends, family, and places I've been. But the thing that my eyes tend to go to quite often are my "frogged" and "ripped" shot glasses. Currently I have perfume samples in one, and bobby pins, safety pins, and my memory card adapter in the other. I don't know why these draw my eyes, but they do. Maybe it's because it joins drinking and knitting together....but you really shouldn't do that. It can end badly. But drinking + knitters is fun. Knitters are (mostly) wonderful people.

-Cheers folks! Literally.

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