Tuesday, February 3, 2009

34. More Socks

I never was a sock knitter fanatic. It wasn't that I was against knitting socks, I just never really had the patience for them. Well, not even that, they just never really sparked my fancy as much as anything else did. But now I find that it is the beginning of February, and I have cast on for my second pair of socks this year. I think I might try to do one pair a month, the 12 pair plunge, if you will. There is no freaking way I'd be able to do the 52 pair plunge, but I think I can manage 12 pairs in 2009. Maybe I'll see if I can get a photostream up of my 12 pair plunge, then again, I also said that I would do a collage of my January photos, and that's not done yet.

Anyways! Socks. These are the same pattern as my last pair. Brainless by Yarnissima, but this time I'm using what I think is Fleece Artist Merino Sock 2/6 in the Jester colorway. I'm not 100% sure because it was a seconds yarn that my Aunt and Uncle got me for Christmas and it had no tags what so ever. I'm pretty sure that's what it is though. I really like the feel of it, even better than the Beyond Basic Knits that I used for the last pair. When it comes to socks I like a sturdier yarn like Cherry Tree Hill, Socks That Rock, and this Fleece Artist. But for anything else, I like super soft yarns.

I spun up about 100 yards of a think'n'thin worsted-bulky Alpaca/Merino 70/30 blend today. Well, I did about 50 yards today, and 50 yards yesterday. It's currently drying in my closet (long story, but I don't have doors on my closet, so I hang things to dry on hangers on the door track). I think I'll make a really simple tube cowl in stockinette. It's so soft, and I still have a fair bit of the roving that I bought left, so I'll probably spin up the rest a little thinner to make mittens, maybe. I'm not sure.

-Cheers folks! I'm gonna go get something to eat, Chicken fingers and taters weren't enough for supper.

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