Wednesday, February 4, 2009

35. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I have been on such a classic movie kick recently, the most recent movie I've watched is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I wish times were still that men would go crazy for a little bit of a hip shake and their eyes would fall out of their heads with a little bit of a shoulder shimmy. Now it's all about wearing the tightest of tight, shortest of short skirts, no underwear, half or even a quarter of a top, big jugs, and no ass. If a girl has thighs, she's undesirable in the media's eye, if a girl has curves, she's not the one they want. It's all about rail thin chicks, with peg legs, big jugs, and no brains. Truthfully, as a Girl Guide leader, it disgusts me. Then again, the obesity rate in the Western population is outrageous too.

I'm watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes right now, Marylin Monroe is wearing this amazing floor length pink strapless dress wit a slit up the back, and the lining is black. I could do without the monster of a bow on the back, but other than that it's amazing, right down to the bicep length gloves. Oh how I want an occasion to wear my prom dress again, either of them. My red one (my second dress) is classic, spaghetti strings with lacing up part of the back, floor length, and just barely poofy. My black one (my first dress) is strapless, has an inset of coral, floor length, and is fairly poofy. I love them both, but I want to wear my red one, it's a fun dress. I wonder if I can convince my mister to throw a party which requires ball gowns. Even just a prom anniversary February..... makes sense to me.

Work on the sock is going well, one more repeat until I start the gusset increases. I think I'll do the increases a little differently this time so that I don't get the elongated stitches along the gusset. You can't really see them all that much, but I notice them, and I want to change them. I'll also be doing a slipped stitch heel just so that I can have them a little firmer. The green and purple ones seem a little weak. I hope that these ones are as awesome as my Firestarters.

-Cheers folks, by the way, I didn't get the job at the University. Oh well, their loss eh?


Hattie said...

I hate that too, it's an unhealthy image and disgusting. If girls like nicole richie are what pre teens are looking up to these days, god help us!

Kit said...

Gotta love a lass with a healthy ass, right? I don't think men who like girls like that are worth the time, in my opinion. Heaven forbid the girl has a personality, she's supposed to be a warm blow-up girl and nothing more to them. Bleh.

Pardon the rant. Nice sock. ;)

SarahB said...

I would totally go to a prom party! I want to wear my dress again too:) Make it happen!!