Friday, February 13, 2009

44. Treasured Forever

Do you have a pair of pants, or a shirt, or a sweater that has a stain on it that you can tell exactly where and when you got it with a smile? OR maybe even a frown? Well I have had a few, but the one that's on my jeans now will hold a special place for a very very long time. The mister and I did our "out" Valentine's Day events today so that we could have a nice quiet night in tomorrow. We went to Clay Cafe tonight and made each other gifts. I'll post pictures of what we made later, probably on Tuesday. It was really a great idea that the mister had, we bought our items and then proceeded to spend practically three hours painting them. The atmosphere was fun, no need to be self-conscious at a fancy restaurant, no need to get all gussied up (not that I mind), and you don't get funny looks when you pull out a clubhouse, an egg salad, and a ham sandwich along with two bottles of pop. I'd go again. In fact, we were thinking of going back in the spring perhaps to make more things, though I was really jealous of the item I made for him, and he was jealous of what he made for me. What a couple we are, eh?

-Cheers folks! Don't fret too much about V-Day (or SAD) and for the record, handmade gifts are totally the way to my heart.

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