Monday, February 9, 2009

40. Ughhhhh

I'm sick. Not sick in the head (that's another story for another day), but sick as in coughcoughhackwheezesniffsnort. It's not pleasant, and I am not happy. I've been taking Tylenol Cold, but up here in my room all I've got is my extra strength tylenol. It's good for headaches, and general aches. But I don't like taking much in the way of pills or pain relievers. That and my pain tolerance is fairly high. Get a pinched nerve in your lower back and everything else is nothing.

-Cheers folks, don't get sick, it's not good. I'm warning you.

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Kit said...

Aww, honey! Lots of rest for you! I've managed to avoid getting sick but I really don't know how. :/ Feel better soon!