Sunday, February 15, 2009

46. Do You Eat the Red Ones Last?

My folks bought me a box of Smarties for Valentine's Day. They still do stuff like that for me and my (25 year old) brother. Easter morning finds us with chocolate bunnies, December gets us Christmas Countdown chocolate calendars. I swear when it comes to those old family traditions that we did as kids, we still are little kids. Mom thought we had outgrown the Christmas Calendars a couple years ago, so within the first week my brother went out and bought them for us. Mom came home and saw them, her reaction was along the lines of "I guess you guys aren't too old for those then." You just can't break tradition.

Anyways, I was eating the previously mentioned box of Smarties and I have quite the way of eating them. I don't separate them all by colors right off the bat, what I do is pour a handful into my hand, and then eat all of one color, move on to the next, and so on until they're all gone. Usually I work the rainbow, ROYGBIV, minus the red, that gets thrown back into the box and saved for last. While I was eating this box today, I didn't find any reds until the last two handfuls. I found ONE. That's right, only one red Smartie in the entire box. It kind of struck me as funny seeing as there were high numbers of all the other colors.

-Cheers folks. Do you eat the red ones last?


Kit said...

It has been such a long time since I've eaten Smarties. I miss them.

Alcariel said...

I used to do that with M&Ms only it was the green ones that got saved.