Monday, February 16, 2009

47. Just what I need

I think I have just picked up another stash enlarging craft. It's not knitting, crochet, or spinning. It's not needle felting, or embellishing. It's quilting. I bought a bunch of fat quarters from one of my local Fabric Stores. I had gone in to look for bottles to use to make Skittle Vodka, but I couldn't find any. In my searches though, I found out that the fat quarters were 20% off. I bought 9 different quarters in 3 different patterns. I'm working now to cut them into 4 inch squares. I'll figure out what pattern I want to put them in later, once I get them all cut out. I think it will be a great little project for me. I can take a few squares with me when I go and then just sew a few together when I get time. Kind of like the Test Screen Blanket that I'm (still) working on (slowly).

-Cheers folks!

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