Sunday, February 1, 2009

32. Fresh Fluffy Nearly-White Stuff

Today there is new fluffy white stuff, but it's not snow. This time it's a 70/30 local Alpaca/Merino blend I got at the local craft fair in November (I think it was November), that I'm spinning up into a bulky singles. I set the twist on two skeins of some recent handspun, and considering one is probably a worsted weight 2 ply, and the other is maybe a fingering weight 2 ply, it's nice to spin up something a little thicker. I had forgotten how quickly a spindle can fill up when you're doing some thick fiber, I've been spinning frog's hair recently and not only does it take forever, but I'm prone to overspinning it and then it snaps! then I have to get into re-joining it, and what's even worse is when I take it off the spindle to Andean (2 ply) it, I often snap it then too. Then I have to get into felting it back together. That's just something I don't want to get into. I think I'll spin off a fair bit of this bulky weight gorgeous alpaca that is pretty much the same as clouds or kittens or puppies, so that I can make a real nice cowl. Something simple, and yet awesome. We'll see.

We went skating with the Brownies and the district tonight at one of the local rinks. It was a blast, I took my mister (who borrowed my father's skates) and neither of us fell! So proud I am, and very sore too. All in good fun, eh?

-Cheers! No drinking with pain pills, not a good combo.

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