Sunday, May 3, 2009

123. Dartmouth Lakes Area Leader’s Dinner

May 3

Tonight was the Dinner for all the leaders (and Rangers) in the area that I’m a Leader with girl Guides. It was fun, and we were out before 9pm. That was amazing.

Our district is one of the smallest in the Area, but we tend to have the largest turnout to any Area event, either when it comes to taking girls places (like the Dal Women’s Volleyball game in the winter), or leader only events (like conference or the Area Dinner.) We have about 80 girls total, and (I think) about 20 leaders. We had 18 there tonight out of a total leader turnout of about 70 (I think). It’s great to see so many of us who are so young, and we all get along. It’s great to enjoy working with those who you volunteer so much of our time with.

Now allow me to tell you all the tale of the leaders dinner that was lots of fun. I just wish that you could write the descriptions of the pictures on the white space at the bottom of the templates. I think that would be cool. These are some of the leaders that I work with, one of them is even a picture of my mom getting a Silver Merit award! Go Mom! I must admit that my District cleaned up with all the awards. We Rock. That’s all that can explain it.

Area Dinner 002Area Dinner 004

Area Dinner 005

Area Dinner 016

Area Dinner 022

Area Dinner 026

Area Dinner 039

Area Dinner 042

-Cheers folks!

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