Friday, May 1, 2009

121. Pool Night

May 1

We had a pool/Wii night at one of the guy’s houses last night. I didn’t get in until well after 2am that’s why there was not post yesterday. One of the many great features of Live Writer is that you can set the publish date to whenever you want, hence why this actually looks like I posted it yesterday. In any case, it was a fun night. Not much drinking going on at all, actually, I was the only person to drink anything and all I had was one drink. I don’t know whether they were making fun of me for not having a reaction to the one drink anymore, or if they were making fun of my past where I was such a lightweight that one drink would put me under the table.

There were some pretty great moments last night.

Pool Night 008 One of the guys made a shot that landed the other’s last ball alongside the 8 ball and both were right on the edge of the pocket.

Pool Night 015 There was a rolly chair, so what do you do? Play rolly chair pool where you can’t get up from the chair, but you are allowed to use the Bitch Stick.

Pool Night 031 A couple people got in on the Rolly Chair Pool. In both cases, the Rolly Chair player won.

Pool Night 057No trickery here. He actually did make a bounce shot which I got a picture of. I do believe that the ball ended up on the floor though, so… scratch.

Pool Night 058What would the night be without some fancy shots to try and show each other up. Except with this one there was no scratch, only balls in pockets.

All in all, a great night. We then played Wii (Tanks and Mario Cart) until about 1:30. Certain people let the team down, but that’s okay, we’ll only shun them for a little while.

-Cheers folks!

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