Saturday, May 16, 2009

136. So this is Ambition?

May 16

I told you I spent most of today working on that shrug. Well it’s true. I have progress, and a shrug that is too heavy for the needles I’m using, and also getting very close to being too big for them too. My Knitting Note Book has been in about 5 different rooms in this house, and considering that I’ve been wandering around in my yoga pants and an oversized Varsity sweater, it doesn’t look too out of place. Neither does the pencil that just fell out of my pony tail. At least it wasn’t a DPN, eh? The need for circular needles is becoming more real with every increase row, but I’ve got two more increase rows before I separate for the arms/body, so I’ll be okay once I do that.

So far the Eco+ isn’t the softest yarn I’ve ever felt, but if it’s anything like Cascade 220, it’ll soften up with a wash.

Oh Gods. I never checked to see if the Eco+ blooms. I hope my swatch doesn’t lie or hide secrets.

-Cheers folks!

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Anonymous said...

I unfortunately don't have a 6mm circ, or i would have sports guy run it over to you tonight