Thursday, May 7, 2009

127. No More Monsters

May 7

I cleared out my closet, so now the monsters don’t haunt me. All I need to do now is clean out the rest of my room so I have less crap. I feel the need to de-crappify my life. I also feel the need to look after myself better. This crappy weather isn’t doing anything for my energy level though. I come home from work and veg all night. I don’t even knit. I just veg doing nothing. It kind of makes me a little…um…stark raving mad.

The newest episode of Better off Ted contained some lovely geekdom. One of the main characters said “Where is the Fraking Asprin?” That can be added on to Toffer from Dollhouse saying Frak last week too. Battlestar has become common vernacular. Well, common to me at least. Once I hear someone on the news or on a prime time show say Frak, or So say we all, or My Gods, then it shall be common vernacular.

No knitting news. Working on the super secret projects. I’ve got 9 out of 21 done. I’ve got a month… I should be okay to finish them all. Maybe. Hopefully. A girl can dream right?

-Cheers folks!

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Belle Ecrivaine said...

Every time I hear about people cleaning their closets, that damn Eminem song pops into my head.