Tuesday, May 12, 2009

132. New Belt

May 12

I got a new belt on Friday after about a month of going without one, or with a really bad one if I did need a belt. My old leather and rivets belt pretty much fell apart completely, every time I put it on at least one rivet would pop off, and the leather under the buckle had long fallen apart and was just being held together by the pink vinyl. I like bright belts. Ones that stand out. So I went for this white riveted canvas belt. Hopefully it’ll stand up (and out) better than my old one, though that pink thing did have a long life. I bought it at Penhorn Mall way back when they had the Sunday Market there. That wasn’t yesterday, that’s for darned sure.

Another instance of Battlestar Galactica entering the common vernacular was seen today. I was watching The Hour’s podcast while I was at work (I file all day, I need something, so I work and listen to my ipod or podcasts), and George (my other boyfriend) said Frak. Or Fraking. Some rendition of the non-censored swear word that can be used interchangeably with the other four letter F word, and I’m not talking the Gordon Ramsay show.

-Cheers folks!

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