Wednesday, May 20, 2009

140. Raise a Glass

May 20

First off, last dinner with the mister who is going to Ottawa for his job was tonight. It was good. He will be missed, but life goes on. Have fun Adam!

We stopped by the NSLC on the way back to his (partially unfurnished due to moving) place. While I was waiting for him to pay for his beer, I stood near the door. There was a table with some hats, t-shirts, a few glasses and some license plates. After a little bit of investigation I realized that they were all for sale, cheap. I’m talking $3 for hats or t-shirts, and (get this) One Dollar for the beer glasses. One Dollar. The Mister was going to get 4 glasses, but didn’t have any cash, so I bought 5, and gave him 4. I’m only one person, I don’t need many glasses. It’s such a thick glass, with a heavy bottom. I love it.

What’s better than beer in a beer glass? Anything.

-Cheers folks!

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Anonymous said...

I still owe you for picking up those glasses for me. First dinner in Ottawa's on me.