Thursday, May 28, 2009

148. Work, then better work.

May 28

My day job is in a Consulting Engineering firm. My night job is as a Producer/editor/musical director of a knitting podcast that is only about 15 or 20% knitting content, which reaches about 30,000 people with every episode. One I get paid fairly well and it goes into my bank account. The other gets me yarn and other fun hand made stuff. Which one do you think I like more? The one that tries to suck my creative soul out through my eye sockets, or the one that leaves me with a split side from laughing so much?

How can I turn my night job into a full day job? Oh right, go to University, study hard, work in my labs even harder, and enjoy every minute of it. It’s been over a year since I graduated and I have only gotten the occasional paying gig with my education. Time to leave the province that is (currently, but hopefully not for long) run by a PC close minded-trampoline jumping-seemingly nice guy-with bad ideas of governing Premier, and go to a Liberal province.

Hello Ontario, I’m Gwen. I’m going to be your new best friend.

-Cheers folks!

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Mercerch said...

You will like Ottawa. It was the first place I lived when I left home after college. I had a ball there and would love to go back.

Ontario pluses are: OHIP, warmer weather, Canada's wonderland, Ottawa, Toronto (no honestly it's a nice city), diversity, and you do not suffer the saturation of regional entitlement that you get here.