Wednesday, May 13, 2009

133. Progress

May 13

Where do my evenings go? I swear I get nothing done. Well, I’m sure that in hindsight I do actually get a fair bit done, but I never get as much done as I’d like to. I want to get a big white board and just make lists. I make lists in my sleep (baaaaaaaabyyy). I did that for work today because I had about a billion little things to get done, and I know I would have forgotten things if I hadn’t made my list. It’s oddly comforting to make lists and scratch things off of them. Tomorrow I need to take the bag of garbage out of my room and put it outside in the bin. I should make a list. Although… I probably wont. I need a whiteboard. A BIG one. And I’ll color code my lists. It’ll be awesome.

-Cheers folks! Ten points to the first person to find the RENT reference.


Alcariel said...

You want the RENT reference? The song's Take Me or Leave Me between Joanne and Maureen. Here's what follows your "Baby..." and it's Joanne singing right now.

What's my sin? /Never quit - I follow through / I hate mess - but I love you /What to do /With my impromptu baby /So be wise /This girl satifies /You've got prize - don't compromise /You're one lucky baby /Take me for what I am....

Going to stop there. And yes, I do own the whole libretto. And I'm a musical geek. Why do you ask?

theaudiochick said...

Carin I love you.