Sunday, May 10, 2009

130. Mother’s Day

May 10

Nine months of pregnancy. Hours of labour. Many hundreds of sleepless nights. Thousands of bo-bos. Thousands of dirty diapers. More than enough instances of “But mom…”. Sibling rivalry. Tortured pets. Frustrated neighbours. Friends by the hundreds. Birthday Parties, Christmases, Easters, and Gift-giving holidays. First teeth, lost teeth. First steps, first falls. First words, first dirty words. First day of elementary school, last day of High School. Going off to College. Leaving to find work. First “You’ll get over them”. Sports, music, extra curricular activities. Discipline. Teaching. Caring. Loving. A mother’s work never ends.

It’s a wonder how we start out so tiny, so cute, depending on you for everything, including (quite literally) life itself. I don’t think we stop often enough to say thank you. Thank you, Mom.

-Cheers folks! Go hug a mother, they’re amazing.

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