Tuesday, May 5, 2009

125. Breakfasts of Years Gone By

May 5

Remember yesterday how I said I was a kid at heart? Did I mention that I bought a box of Lucky Charms about a week or so ago? Well I bought Pop Tarts today. Not Toaster Strudels (which I also like) but those pop tarts which you put in the toaster, and then when you take them out you burn your fingers on the “icing” that gets molten hot but never gets soft, and when you bit into them you burn your tongue on the lava that is the “fruit” center. But they’re so good. I like to eat them untoasted as a snack too. Not just for breakfast, which I don’t eat. But even if I do have breakfast it’d never be these. I’d do either a bagel, toast, or a bowl of Cheerios. Or maybe eggs if it were a weekend and I was planning on staying in my jammies for a while. I can’t wait to bring a box into work and put it next to my container of what’s left of my Lucky Charms. I say what’s left of them because my brother at about 80% of them when I wasn’t looking. He has promised me a box to replace them though, so that’s good. We’ll see if he actually follows through. He did give me cookies on the weekend though. Mark your calendars people! My (25) year old brother and I were civil to each other! It’s miraculous. It’s also miraculous that I spelt that right. Go me.

-Cheers folks!


Hattie said...

I totally still eat all that stuff too. Lucky charms are my fave cereal!

pigbook1 said...

You know you are too old when you stop saving the marshmallows for the last bite of the lucky charms :-)

I hope you are never too old for lucky charms and pop tarts :-)