Thursday, January 1, 2009

1. New Years Eve

Happy 2009 everyone! Can you believe that ten years ago, one of the biggest worries was the Y2K bug? It really doesn't seem like it was just ten years ago (even though that is half of my life). Ten years ago I was in grade 6 (still in elementary), I was just learning how to play trumpet and bass, I didn't know how to play guitar, and my biggest ambition was to go into Architecture. It's seriously hard to imagine that I'm now a college grad with a diploma in Audio Engineering, I have about 8 years of experience playing violin, trumpet, bass, and guitar, and I'm also trying to find a job that will take me somewhere. It's amazing how much can happen in ten years.

Now, since I am done waxing philosophically, I shall tell you all my tale of a very interesting New Years Eve. First off, there was a blizzard warning for the night over the entire province. None of us really thought we'd get much, but we decided to pack overnight bags to take with us to the party, just in case we couldn't get back to Windsor Castle (DWB's place). We (DWB, myself, his two roommates and a friend who met up with us in Halifax) left there around 7, and although it was cold, it hadn't started to snow. The cold was actually quite good because it chilled all of our booze before we got there. We bussed it over the bridge and hopped on another bus to go to the house where the party was. It only took about 45 minutes, if that, so it wasn't bad at all. We got there, we drank, we ate, we laughed and had an all round good time. It started to snow at about 8, and when I say it started to snow, I mean it seriously started to snow. There isn't much to talk about from the 8pm - 11:45pm time frame. Although my camera did get hijacked (again) so there are many many pictures of people's chests, only problem is that I forgot my camera there, so I only have the 4 pictures I took on the way home on my cell, I'll get to those later.

Around quarter to 12 people started to mention that we should go outside to try to see the fireworks across the harbour. By this time there was probably 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground, and I think that I forgot to mention that I was in a dress, and 4 inch heel, knee high boots. We all got our coats on around 5 to 12 and went outside, someone looked at their cellphone and then all of a sudden he started counting down from 7. We nearly missed it! One of the other guys had brought champagne, but we didn't have any glasses, so there we were, some of us dressed up, in a blizzard in the back parking lot of an apartment building, ringing in the new year fairly drunk already, passing around a bottle of champagne, yelling, cheering, hugging. A few people looked out their windows and one old lady even started to cheer with us.

We all went back inside and continued to drink until about 1:30 when the 4 of us Windsor Castle people decided to think about getting home. We tried calling a few taxi companies, but all we could get was a busy signal. Since the busses were free last night, and they had extended service, we decided to walk the (usually) ten minutes from the party to the bus stop. It was still snowing, it wasn't too windy, but it was nearly 2am, and I was in a dress. La Belle ended up walking the entire way with MrTVboy, I walked with DWB. Poor Belle though, she rolled her ankle not too long into the walk.

That's MrTVboy and La Belle as we walked along the waterfront path. That's the harbour on the right side of the picture, AKA The Atlantic Ocean. The wind was surprisingly not too bad, as was walking in the snow in my boots. We managed to get to the bus stop that we wanted to be at in about half an hour. Totally surprised all of us, and what was even better was that we were only waiting for about 5 minutes before the bus that we wanted showed up. Being on that bus was great, it was warm, it wasn't windy, and we didn't have to walk.
That's another picture of La Belle and MrTVboy, this time on the bus and you can actually see them! The bus didn't take us all the way home, but it got us pretty darned close. We had another 20 minute walk up the hill and around the corner to get back to Windsor Castle. We left the party at 1:43, we got home at 2:39. Everyone thought it was amazing, we all also kind of collapsed, including MrTVboy who didn't even make it to furniture or taking off any outerwear.

La Belle decided that we all needed another drink, a celebratory drink for making it home. We had our one drink, and then DWB and I went to bed. We were going to have eggs and bacon for breakfast, but we ended up sleeping in until half an hour before he had to leave to go to work, I left at the same time. I have to say that this was one of the most memorable New Years Eve's that I have ever had, and there is no better crew to spend it with than the people I did. Also, I don't know if I have any other friends who would have walked that far in the blizzard without complaints and with laughter the entire way. Cheers to you all.

And now for the first installment of my Project 365 for 2009. This is DWB and myself on the bus at 2am last night. You can tell we were tired, but still in high spirits. I'm cold, I'm tired, but I wouldn't rather be anywhere else.

-Cheers everyone, and happy New Year.

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Belle Ecrivaine said...

Haha, if it wasn't for the fact that Tyler was walking next to me to suddenly latch on to, I would have fallen into the water when I rolled my ankle. Woo hoo for klutziness! Despite the snow and the ankle, it was a fantastic night. Glad you were there to ring in the new year with us!