Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13. Speading the joy

Today was a pretty okay day. I picked up an extra shift at work, which means a fair bit extra in my next pay check. Then I went over to DWB's for ribs. The ribs were so freaking good, but I must mention that for the first while, La Belle and I were the only ones eating them with our fingers, both of the guys were using their forks and knives. Have the ever even eaten ribs before? If you don't have BBQ sauce under your nails an hour later after licking your fingers clean and washing your hands multiple times, you didn't do it right. After dinner we had apple dumplings for dessert. They were so good, anything baked with apples wins a special place in my heart.

After dessert though was a great moment. I taught DWB to knit.

He caught on really quick, but for a Scouter, his knowledge of knots made me sigh a bit. I thought that "make a slip knot and then add 14 half hitches to this needle" would be easy to follow, but apparently not. He did get it though, he just needed a bit of prompting. I then showed him how it was done by wrapping my arms around him (so hard, I know) and knitting in front of him. By the time it came for us to leave to get me on a bus to go home, he had three rows done. I'm really proud of my mister. I also helped La Belle out with a few questions she had about her knitting.

It was an awesome night, which included having Star Trek: The Next Generation, M*A*S*H, and American Gladiators on the television in the background.

-Cheers and spread the love, knitters will rule the universe.


Jadielady said...

I'm teaching a guy friend to knit too! He's so excited about it, I can't help but feel proud.
He's doing a garter stitch scarf for now, though I want to show him how to purl soon.

Belle Ecrivaine said...

I was so excited to knit at work this afternoon, now that I know how to fix my two common mistakes. Alas, tragedy struck! I fell into a puddle and came out with one less knitting needle (one of mine, not yours). Poo.