Saturday, January 10, 2009

9. Good friends

I went to a party tonight, we tend to do theme parties too. Tonight was Russian Night, next week is Old Fashioned Drink Night (I wont be there due to the BSG party). All I can say is good friends + good food + a few drinks = awesome. I didn't really want to put pictures of my friends up here on my blog, but this was a good picture, and it about sums up the night. We spent our time talking tech (why consumer grade speaker cables are all the same and Monster Cables are pieces of crap that are over priced), the demise of the human race, V-Day riots, past insane pets, and many many other topics that are made of win.

These are thee of the folks that were there. The one on the left I have known since high school, the other two I have only known for about a year. I do consider them all good friends though. I have some of the best friends around.

-Cheers and keep good friends close to your heart.

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Little Miss English Teacher said...

I love your idea ... a year of pictures :) Awesome! I'll keep coming back!