Thursday, January 22, 2009

22. Wazzat?

Pretty sure I forgot to mention my Namaste Messenger bag. I got it off of another Raveler when I did an ISO post in the ISO/Destashing group on Ravelry. I got a great deal on it, it was here in 6 days (2 of which were the weekend), and I love it! There is a tiny bit of wear on one of the pockets (just a bit of picking) but other than that, it's wonderful! I knew about the wear before I bought it though, so no worries. It's absolutely huge inside, and has a bazillion pockets. It's a little big for standard everyday use, but I still use it as such. It's got a great pattern on the inside of the top flap. My only wish is that the inside wasn't black, it makes things really dark, but I have gotten real good at just fumbling around to find whatever I want.

I guess it's time to get back to getting everything ready for my interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!

-Cheers and just like Big Balls, Big Bags are good too.

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