Sunday, January 4, 2009

3. Better late than never

I didn't forget! I promise, I was just busy finishing the latest episode of the podcast I work on. But I did get a picture. And on another upside, I'll be getting my camera back tomorrow.

I've been working on the Test Screen Blanket (which I shall furthermore refer to as the TSB) and ignoring all my other projects so far. I think what I will do is work on the squares until I want to stab my eyes out with a spork, then I'll work on something else until I forget about the pain of the TSB. Repeat. I hope that will mean I'll get this done in a goodly amount of time. (I speak English good eh?) I currently have 9 pink squares and 5 grey ones done. That means that I have 10% of the squares done in two days. If I keep up at this pace I will have all the squares done in just over two weeks, then I've got sewing to do. But I kind of doubt that I'll keep up with this pace. Oh well. It will get done. I want a blanket.

-Cheers and happy knitting!

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Modern Mommy said...

spork . . . . mmmmmhahahahah