Sunday, January 4, 2009

4. Return of the camera

I got my camera back today! Now I just need to start taking pictures when the sun is still up so that I can get some decent ones. The colour in today's picture is much better, but the green is actually emerald green, not the blue green in this picture.

I started to sew together a few blocks last night. I'm still not sure if I'll have enough pink, so I'll do the 12 for the main block (hopefully) in the pink that I bought for the blanket, and then if need be I'll use some other pink that I have in my stash. I haven't checked them for colour consistency, but I'm pretty sure they're close enough. No long drawn out post tonight, the block are all I worked on today. Oh and I went to games night at Windsor Castle, it was fun. I then missed my bus coming home and had to get someone to pick me up, but oh well!

-Cheers and happy knitting!

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