Friday, January 9, 2009

8. Mail is awesome

I got home today from a day of work which seemed to drone on and on. I swear I looked at the clock one minute and it was 3:12, and then what felt like an hour later it was only 3:27. It was a long day. But when I got home there was a package waiting for me.

My Loopy Ewe package came in the mail today. Sherri is amazing, it left her hands on Dec 30th, and got here today. This was my last order in my frenzy of post-Giftmas online shopping, but it was the first to get here! I remember from my last package that it was insanely quick as well. I think Sherri bribes me postal service to get all things yarny here quicker. I love her for it. I had ordered two of the plastic sock blockers (love them so much!), and a Namaste Catelina pouch. The sock blockers were $22 for the pair, and the Catelina was only $5!. I kind of wish I had ordered another one or two for other various odds and ends. Of course, now I want to get the Namaste Messenger bag in mauve, which really looks more brown than mauve. I'm going to source out a few places online (none of my LYS's carry them and the closest supplier is in Baddeck, not very close for me to easily get to), and hopefully I'll have an update on a purchase in a day or two.

I would go on a rant about people thinking that knitting is the new yoga and how that is not right at all, but it is 1:39am, and I'm tired. I'm going to dye my hair tomorrow, hit up the mall, see the mister, and then we're going to a party. Pretty full day, so I'll save my "knitting is NOT yoga" rant for another time. Someone remind me.

-Cheers and please, leave comments! I need them to feed off of.

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Lauren Oostveen said...

Yeah, I remember a few years ago when the tabloids starting being all like "CELEBRITIES ON SET KNITTING" showing Sean Penn making a poncho or some craziness. I think pilates is the new yoga now. Or maybe blogging.