Thursday, January 29, 2009

29. To yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheese

To leather, to ____ If you got the reference, you can fill in the blank. I'm a fan of yogurt, I really like to put the Yoplait tubes in the freezer and eat them like freezies. I have a big tub of blueberry yogurt in my fridge right now, and today I decided to see how big a serving actually was. I had figured that I was eating well over a serving in one sitting, but apparently a serving is 2/3 cup, or about 175 grams. I got out my scale (which I usually use for yarn), and measured out what I would usually eat into a bowl and weighed it. My servings, we about half a suggested serving. So to celebrate my half serving of yogurt, I'm eating chocolate balls. I seriously need to eat better and start exercising more.

-Cheers, do something good for yourself. Mentally, physically or emotionally. Just do it.

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Belle Ecrivaine said...

I don't drink milk, but I love yogurt. So, when I eat cereal, I don't use milk. I use yogurt. Seriously, cheerios and strawberry yogurt? So good.