Friday, January 23, 2009

23. Brains.

Remember back on Jan 19th when I posted about the sock I had cast on? Well after many instances of "crap, I did that wrong" and "wtf is she actually wanting me to do here?" I have managed to get past the heel, and a fair bit into the leg. I'm going to add at least another inch to the patterning, and then another inch of ribbing at the top. They should be pretty awesome once their done, but even now I really like them. I sort of wish I had added a reinforced heel, with slip stitches, but this looks like it should be okay. I might be a converted knitter now, I want to knit socks, another pair of Firestarters, another pair of brainless, and maybe I'll find a nice cable pattern and use the Yarnissima construction to make my own version of these two pairs of socks. The only bad thing about socks is winding up the 440+ yards of yarn into a ball. Takes forever.

-Cheers and now it's time to make some food, grab a drink, and settle in with some new Battlestar Galactica.

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