Monday, January 26, 2009

26. Lots of Work, Little Progress

No pain no gain, right? Well here's a new one: All pain, no gain.

Last week, I went to go to the bus stop, and I nearly fell flat on my back, so I decided to wage war on the ice on my street. I spent about 45 minutes yesterday trying to chip away at the glacier that is the bottom of our driveway, and I did get a fair bit done, but still barely anything. I spent well over an hour today doing the same and it felt like I made even less progress. All I managed to do was get almost an entire path made from my driveway to the actual pavement of the street. At least now you can go from pavement of our driveway, one step on the ice (which I sanded rather than salting due to a lack of salt in the house), and then pavement of the street. I hope this cuts down on the pain of falling, and I plan on trying to get some more done tomorrow, but considering the state and pain of the blister that is on my palm, I don't know how much I will be able to get done. At least today the RENT soundtrack kept me going, what should I listen to tomorrow?

-Cheers, and by the way, it was -15C today. I was glad to bundle up while chipping ice, hopefully it will be a little bit better tomorrow.

PS. Laundry 1, Gwen 2

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Belle Ecrivaine said...

What are you talking about? You should listen to RENT again! You don't need anything else to listen to.