Monday, August 3, 2009

215. My Lining


I biked the 4km that it is to the closest (*shudder*) WalMart today after I got back from work. The weather was beautiful, and the route was… interesting. I took a main road to the transitway (which for those who don’t know is a series of roads and bridges and insanity that only the busses are allowed on which makes for very speedy commutes), over a bridge that I didn’t know I could go over, through a park like thing, across 6 lanes of traffic with a pedestrian signal that lasted about 60 seconds, past the Postal Depot, and down a back road. It was quick though, and I was mainly off the road, which was nice too. But, the means for my trip was to try to find fabric. My trip was a success. There weren’t any bolts of fabric (apparently they don’t do those anymore), but I did find a bin of fat quarters. I had to get thread too because all I can find here is my quilting thread and my mending kit. Kind of sad for someone who used to sew as much as I did. But anyways, I finished the knitting for my PowerBook (henceforth known as Icarus) so now all I need is the case. Go go hand sewing. I also picked up two buttons because I want this case now. I’ve got a case of the “wantitnowitis” and it’s killing me. I also think that I should have some stuff in the mail this week. Yay! Mail!

-Cheers folks!

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