Tuesday, August 18, 2009

230. My Table for One


Around 3:55 today, one of the kids said “I’m gonna stay here all night!”, we then told him he’s have to stay very still so as to not trip the motion sensors. Then someone said that a person could probably fist under the desks while lying down on the chairs… That person might have been me, and then I might have decided to see if it was possible. Long story short, after grabbing both coworkers at different times and making them jump, getting stuck, and staying hidden for fears that a parent who had come in to pick up a kid would think I were insane, it is indeed possible to hide under the desk while on top of the chairs that are attached to the desk. My point being? There isn’t a party under my desk. Why not?

-Cheers folks!

PS. A good friend here in the city found this outside his building. I think that must mean there is a TARDIS 1 somewhere in this province. I must find it. Please note the little blue car with the awesome license plate.

2009-08-18 027

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