Sunday, August 9, 2009

221. My Birthday Wishes


In honour of the wonderful Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Birthday (August 9, 1910), I present to you the most mindless knitting ever. I’m using up scraps of sock yarn that I have to make a Pi Shawl. It has only 6 increase rounds in the entire shawl, and the rest is just plain knit. Knit. Knit. Knitknitknitknitknit. It goes on and on, which makes for great TV and movie knitting. I spent te entire movie this afternoon (went to see Grease at the monoplex) working on this thing in the dark. I got 8 rows done and considering that the rows are over 250 sts, I thought that was grand. I’ve got 35 more rows of 256 stitches, then 126 of 512, and then we’ll see if I want to stab my eyes out. I like it, I’m just wondering where I’m going to block it. That might be a problem.

-cheers folks!

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