Thursday, August 20, 2009

232. My New Pants


I finished my pants last night! It was late, but I did it. I love them. Because of the pattern on the material, they’re more of a lounge pant then a going out pant, but I love them none the less. They fit well, although I could take in the waist in the middle of the front about an inch or two along the top, but still, they’re great.

SONY DSCThe legs are super wide, which I love. They fall just above my feet, which is real nice too.

SONY DSCThey could have used to have a little more fabric in the rear section seeing as I do have a rump and hips, but still, I love them.

SONY DSCSee? Rump. But they fit really really well. I love the sheep.

SONY DSC All in all, a really simple pattern, ingenious idea, using the sleeve shaping as the gusset. Lots of sewing though when you’re doing it all by hand. If I had had a sewing machine though, it would have been much easier. I also would have reinforced the waistband with another line of stitching to keep the band folded up, but hand sewing the waist band on with a diagonal stitch took for-freaking-ever. I recommend the pattern. (I should mention, it’s from here) I want to make more now. I need to get to a second hand shop now so find some totally rad old t-shirts to make capris and shorts. There is a way to use the entire front and back so you don’t need to cut down the middle. If I find a good print on a shirt, I’ll do the next pair that way.

-Cheers folks!

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