Friday, August 14, 2009

226. My Birthday


First off, sorry I’m a day late, but it was my birthday so I took the day off. Well, more like I didn’t get home until late and was way too tired to blog… but anywhos!

It was a very relaxing birthday, besides it being horribly hot and humid (I wore a skirt in the afternoon, that should tell you how hot it was because I do not wear skirts or dresses often). I also tried to get Chinese Take-out for lunch but the shop was closed (walked 20 minutes to find that it was closed, just my luck, eh?), so I had a big Caesar salad for lunch instead. One of my coworkers baked me a cake (in her microwave because her stove is broken, I love that girl), it was awesome. There were no candles, no family singing me happy birthday, just me, my two coworkers and a bunch of kids who were excited for cake. I went out for dinner with a friend to a pub. Fish ‘n chips with real chips not fries. It was so tasty, went well with the beer. That’s right, beer. Then we had a chill night watching episodes of Mad Men on the television. I also fell asleep on the sofa. Apparently I haven’t been sleeping enough. This heat is getting to me. I’d kill for a snowfall. Seriously. Someone bring me snow. And I still want the Atlantic Ocean. But I’d take the snow.

-Chers folks!

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Halifax Mommy said...

you are killing your uncle and me! so i have decied i am going to sing happy birthday to you via blog spot

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you!!!