Saturday, August 15, 2009

227. My Present to Me

SONY DSC I’m a penny saver. It takes a fair bit to part me with any substantial amount of money, even the $30 I spent on a yoga mat was a fair bit of “Should I? Do I really want it?” that was running through my head. Obviously, the "it’s your birthday present” voice in my head won, and I bought a yoga mat from Lululemon. It was actually cheaper than the mats at Sports Experts and Sears, which was a selling point in my mind. The amazing color is another great point. It really makes it easier to do Pilates (I don’t do Yoga, I do Pilates for my back), which is going to be wonderful because my leg has been bugging me a little bit. It’s green, it’s cushy, it’s awesome. I’m going to try to bike out to Fabricland tomorrow to get some fabric to make a case. Go go hand sewing.

-Cheers folks!

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