Friday, August 7, 2009

219. My Escape


I took a ride today with Alonzo. We went South this time. South along the Canal (which is filthy folks, filthy!) I ended up going past the Arboretum (which I rode past completely the first time because I thought it was just another treed area), past the Locks, and right up into the Experimental Farm. It was so serene. There were barely any people around, and not a car to speak of. I did a whole lot of slow riding just staring out at the horizon, at the fields, at the cows… it was amazing.

SONY DSCI thought it was kind of funny that there were fields and fields of crops, with apartment buildings in the background. I haven’t been out of the city in far too long. I had forgotten how good it felt to just get away. I think I’ll be doing the ride up there more often.


It’s also been a while since I’ve seen a straight road (or bike trail as it were). this one went on for a ways. I got a funny look from a lone cyclist who went past me as I was about ready to kneel down and take pictures. But I really don’t care.

SONY DSCAfter my jaunt to the Farmland, I went back the same way and stopped for some supper. I had packed two sandwiches and a tomato. I ate it like an apple and it was good. This is the “lake”. It’s part of the canal with a little marina, and a very pitiful excuse of a lake to the girl from the City of Lakes. It was nice to hear the water lapping against the shore, with the gulls above me and the ducks at my feet, but it still feels weird to not smell the salt air. I miss it dearly. Can someone bottle it for me and send me some Atlantic Air? Please? I’ll knit for you.

-Cheers folks!


Mercerch said...

I believe that is Dows Lake which is part of the Canal system - BTW, where the eff is the canals in Dartmouth. I hear they have some but I am yet to see it - and about as big as anything in the City of Lakes.

The water in the Canal is horrid because it gets a lot of run off from city streets, peoples property, and it is stagnate.

theaudiochick said...

The canals are in Shubie Park. Not much of a canal system, and I don't think I've ever seen it working, but it very old, and part of the river system that runs from the Bay of Fundy to the Atlantic Ocean via the Harbour.

Mic Mac, Banook, Charles, Major... I can keep naming lakes in Dartmouth that are bigger than Dows if you would like. Within five minutes walking from where I grew up there are two lakes bigger than Dows.