Thursday, August 13, 2009

225. My Finishing Touch


I went home for lunch today and found a package receipt slip on the mail table. I looked at it quickly and saw the “tomorrow after 13:00” option checked for when it would be ready. I didn’t think anything of it, so I went about my way. As I was getting ready to go to one of the yarn stores to pick up yarn for a sweater I’m designing (I got yarn, I’ll talk about it later), I looked at the slip again. It was dated yesterday. That meant my package was ready for me! I went to the yarn store, and then to the post office. It was the buttons for my sweater. That’s right, my sweater now has buttons and is done. Only one problem: My bottom button spacing is larger than the rest, and I think the buttons are too big to have as many as I do. I love the buttons, I really do… it just… doesn’t really work. I’ll get pictures tomorrow to show you all what I mean. I really do love the backing buttons. They too though… not quite right. I think they’re too big. It’s kind of making me sad, but I’ll get it all worked out. I got the sweater steeked all right. This will work out too.

-Cheers folks!


Halifax Mommy said...

where did you get these?

theaudiochick said...

Etsy. The shipping was a little high and took a while though. I guess that's what I get for ordering buttons from Bangkok.

Halifax Mommy said...

if you ever want to part with them, you know my number :P