Wednesday, August 5, 2009

217. My Note to Self


Remember landmarks when biking. Do not second guess one’s memory of them, or you will bike past your intended turn off by 3km.

Band-aids and tissues go into whatever bag you’re biking with. You’re accident prone. You will get injured at least once on every ride. Most likely it will be minor scratches that don’t need anything, but occasionally it will be a larger cut that leaves blood running down my calf. (I’m fine, it was just a big scrape)

Leave your camera at the top of your bag so two different groundhogs at two different times don’t scurry away before you can get your camera out.

Gaggles of geese will not move for cyclists. You’ve got to be quick to not run over them.

Taking a fixed speed bike out for a 20k ride is hard work. Giv’er. The pay off is worth it.

Most joggers are good and will move over when you ding your bell. Teenagers will just look at you.

Pack two water bottles. (That was a good decision on my part when I was leaving the apartment)

Following other cyclists when you’re lost is a good idea. They tend to know where to go, unless there is construction and there is a gate. In which case, head in the direction you want to go, and hope you’ll get where you want to get to. (I was lost twice, and followed two different cyclists who eventually got me back to where I knew where I was. It was in the same area. Construction sucks.)

Get a wrench. That seat needs to be tightened so it will stop tilting every time you go over a bump. Your behind will thank you for it.

-Cheers folks!

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