Saturday, August 8, 2009

220. My Sweater

SONY DSC Guess what I quasi-finished today. My sweater! The button bands are all done. Seaming of said button bands to the body is done. Ends are woven in. One side of the steek is tacked down (it got too dark in my room to easily see the black thread on the black yarn). I love it so much. It does need a good soak with some Wool Wash to soften it up a bit, but that will come soon. I’m still waiting on buttons to get to me. I’m excited to finish this thing. Not because it’s been a bad or even a long project, just because I love it, and it’s my first big project that I’ve finished and really loved. One of my roommates saw me wearing it around the apartment and commented on it. I’m really happy.

-Cheers folks!

PS. Stealth photo! (click to enlargen)


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